Knowledge Organization from an Indigenous Perspective: The Mashantucket Pequot Thesaurus of American Indian Terminology Project

I’m so very honored to be published in a special issue of Cataloging & Classification Quarterly devoted to Indigenous knowledge organization. Many thanks to Dr. Metoyer for allowing me to work with her on documenting her work on the Mashantucket Pequot Thesaurus of American Indian Terminology Project.

“Guest edited by Ann M. Doyle, University of British Columbia, and Cheryl Metoyer, University of Washington, this special issue engages in an international and interdisciplinary dialogue about Indigenous approaches to organizing and sharing Indigenous expressions of knowledge held in libraries, archives, and museums. It includes theoretical and applied research from New Zealand, Canada, and the United States on cataloging, classification, and metadata. In 2016, this Indigenous special issue will be published as a monograph.”

Free online access (until Sept 30, 2015) to this special issue on “Indigenous Knowledge Organization” is available for a limited time by visiting:

Access to the article I co-authored with Cheryl A. Metoyer is available at

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